Somaliland: Statement by the international partners on the forthcoming election

9 November, 2017
A high level delegation of international partners will visit Hargeisa, Somaliland, on 12 to 14
November 2017.
The purpose of the visit is to demonstrate the partners’ continued engagement and strong
encouragement to Somaliland’s democratic transition process and, in that context, to support
a peaceful, inclusive, credible and transparent presidential election on 13 November.
The high level delegation is not mandated to observe the elections and will not represent an
election observation mission.
The International Partners note the progress in preparation of the election and encourage the
National Electoral Commission (NEC) to continue its good work. They also call on the
political parties to participate in the election responsibly and peacefully, in respect of the
established legal frameworks and procedures, and to provide the NEC with the space and
time it needs when the polls close to prepare and declare the result. They further call on all
sides to accept the result produced by the votes of the duly registered electorate, and in case
of any grievances or contestation, to pursue such matters through the legally mandated
institutions and formally established procedures. They also urge all stakeholders to respect
the role of the media in informing the public and thus enhancing the transparency and
credibility of the electoral process.
The International Partners reiterate that this election represents an opportunity for
Somaliland to strengthen its democratic credentials for continued progress for the benefit of
all Somalilanders.
This Statement was signed by the following countries: Belgium, Denmark, the European
Union, Finland, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, United
Kingdom and United States of America.



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