23 Anniversary of the Republic of Somaliland’s Independence Celebrations



   “If ever there was a holy war, it was that which saved our Liberties and gave us independence.” Thomas Jefferson

“Nothing is more precious than Independence and Liberty.”

  By the legendary Revolutionary and freedom fighter Ho Chi Minh

  “Like any other nation around the world Somaliland Republic has the right for self-determination and the right for self-determination and the right to be recognized by the international community. The right for Self-determination, human rights, and sovereignty are decorated in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights ” 



Introduction: From Torino to Toronto, Awdal to Ottawa, Melbourne to Minnesota, Odweyne to Australia, Somalilanders has celebrated for their independence day. There is nothing in this world that is more valuable than independence and liberty that is what Somalilanders are celebrating today. Clearly Somalilanders have their destiny in their hands, and they are fully in charge of their faith. Since 1991 Somalilanders enjoyed unprecedented freedom and sovereignty, and certainly nobody in this world has the power and the wherewithal to reverse the choice of this nation. On the occasion of this event, I am urging all Somalilanders to enjoy this ocaasion, and at the same you need to pray for our brothers and sisters in Somalia to see the fruits of peace and tranquility that eluded them for so long. We also need to thank them for celebrating and sharing with us our Independence Day celebrations in many parts of the world. Unprecedented, exuberant, enthusiastic and inspiring celebrations were taken place all over the world. The burning aspiration of the people are manifested in their actions, imagery, their eyes and even their appearance as most people were draped with the Somaliland flag and insignia. The inspiration in the air of festival venues were brimming with extreme enthusiasm and superfluous exuberance, a true depiction of peoples’ dedication to the cause of Somaliland independence and sovereignty. Anybody who watches the actions and the faces of the people participating in Somaliland celebrations throughout the world will understand the seriousness of the Somaliland cause and independence. They are chanting with slogans of encouragement, hope, and they keep on constantly invoking the sacredness of Somaliland independence.


 In the 23 anniversary of Somaliland’s independence, as usual festivities and celebrations have broken out throughout the globe. Flag waving people of Somaliland decent were exuberantly celebrating everywhere. Celebration have taken place in Melbourne, Australia, South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, All Europe including Ireland, London, Britain, Kenya, Paris, Bristol, Birmingham, Sheffield, London, all the four afore-said cities are in Great Britain, several places in the Netherlands, Torino, Italy, Washington D,C., Minneapolis, Minnesota, Columbus, Ohio, most of the Scandinavian countries such as Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland, Cabuwaag, Somalia, UAE, Cairo, Egypt and so many other places around the globe.


This year the celebrations that took place through the country-Republic of Somaliland were different, because, prominent elders from Somalia were invited to participate in the 23rd anniversary of Somaliland’s reacquisition of its independence from what was the then a collapsed Somali Republic. Somalilanders are hereby thankful to the courageous act taken by the distinguished elders from Somalia who has recognized the independence of Somaliland. It was long overdue but it is never too late.  In the morning of 18th May celebrations have broken out throughout the country including villages, hamlets, small towns, large cities. There was also a military parade where different well-disciplined security services have displayed in the Independence Day parades. Through the world Somaliland displayed in a clear, an unequivocal voice as well as in imagery that, their independence is sacred and a people’s decision and it will never be subject to discussion. They believe their independence has been finalized in 1991, and then firmly strengthened by a referendum where about 97% of Somalilanders have decided to be independent and sovereign. The reading on the wall is that case has been closed 23 years ago.


Festivities in Somaliland Proper: They were comprised of Somaliland flag waving, and enthusiastically cheering crowds, followed by speeches by government officials and leaders. This was followed by a display by Somaliland’s various security services such as the police, the prisons guards, and Somaliland defense forces.


Festivities in the Diaspora: Festivities in the diaspora were often taken place first class hotels. As usual they start with verses from the holy “Quran”, followed by speeches by local Somaliland leaders, and concluded with entertainment. Everywhere Somalilanders were celebrating there was a tremendous electricity, enthusiasm and hope in the air. 


Special Moments: There were too many exciting moments, eye-catching synopsis, and unique events taking place. One of the eye-catching moments was a man who has colored the Somaliland flag on his mustaches and hair.

Suleiman Egeh-A freelance writer and a senior science instructor



  1. Job well done to Somalilanders all over the globe who celebrated our independence in style and a patriotic manner, Every year May 18th Somaliland independence day is getting bigger and better and inshallah Next Year Somaliland will be a recognized country and that what the UK Landers did is very outstanding and heroic and it’s the women and the elderly who are fighting for Somaliland’s recognition where are the male youth of the Somaliland diaspora and what happened you guys are not fighting for SOmaliland’s and were not seen at the may 18th parties.


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