Somaliland:Peace is key the of development and prosperty

Somaliland's election is approaching us very soon. For the last few months, every candidate and his supporters have done a great and restless work,...


Somaliland’s new president has work to do

Divisions revealed by the highly contested election must be managed to avoid becoming entrenched. By Omar Mahmood With the inauguration of Muse Bihi Abdi on 13 December...


Somaliland:Women gaining independence through savings and loan schemes

Jawahir Ali Hassan, a widow with three children, recently moved out of the squalid Tawakal IDP camps, where the family has lived for eight...



CPJ recognizes global Press Oppressors amid Trump’s fake news awards

Amid the public discourse of fake news and President Trump's announcement via Twitter about his planned "fake news" awards ceremony, CPJ is recognizing world leaders who...


Eastleigh, Nairobi. Home to Nairobi’s refugees. CREDIT: Charlie Ensor/IRIN

Ethiopian Oromo refugees face bribes, harassment in Kenya

Ethiopian Oromo refugees fleeing to Kenya to escape persecution say they are finding life on the streets of Nairobi no better than the insecurity...


Somaliland-Djibouti Relationship;Something is Rotten

Back to Back Article , the article was Published in 2014/07/18  By Ismail Omer Gelle: The Tireless Crusader Against Somaliland By Ahmed I. Hassan A section in...